About Aurora Willman

Personality and strenghts

The ESFJ personality type is nicknamed the “Supporter” and belongs to the SJ Protector temperament. ESFJs are friendly and nurturing. They seek to preserve tradition and observe rules. They are deeply caring and want to be liked. Their caretaking nature is one of the hallmarks of being a Supporter. They are supportive (hence their nickname) and generous. ESFJs have a desire to please and help others.

ESFJs are hardworking and responsible people. They take comfort in routine. At work they like to create a warm and friendly environment. They are willing to make sacrifices to benefit others. ESFJs seek jobs that provide interaction and are altruistic in nature.

Her Story

Aurora Willman is the Practice Manager at Columbus Wealth. In this role, she will be directly responsible for managing all administrative and operational functions associated with the client accounts and policies. Aurora is and from Columbus, Indiana and graduated from Indiana University Purdue University of Columbus with a Business Administration Degree with a dual concentration in Marketing and Management. Outside of work, she loves to stay active by hiking in Brown County and playing volleyball through the Columbus Parks and Recreation league.

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